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SamarTech Metals is most emerging company in India in the segment of Pre Engineered Metal Buildings. The company started operations in India in the year 2018 and has full-fledged manufacturing unit in Nissing, Karnal, Haryana.

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Sambli mor, near Sangatpura Sahib Gurudwara Nissing , Karnal Haryana -132024 +91 97295-85760 [email protected]

Solar Panel Mounting Structure

SamarTech is one of the leading manufacturers of PEB systems in the country, and one of the things involved with holding that status is continuously investing in updating our components to meet the latest standard in technology and manufacturing. Since the current trend in technology is focused on making businesses green, we also decided to invest in components that would help our customers do just that. One of the ways that we accomplish that is by giving our clients the option to incorporate alternative means of energy production into their operations, which not only helps them become more sustainable, but also reducing their energy costs of operation. A good start towards this goal is the introduction of special mounting structures for solar panels and modules.

As we know, India is blessed with an abundance of sunlight, which makes it the ideal place for such activities. Our Solar Mounting Structures are designed and engineered to take advantage of this by being custom made to fit the surface area of any customer’s site while adapting to the specific conditions of that location to minimize the field installation hurdles. Just like our other products, these modules are made from top quality materials and incorporate the latest in autonomous solar power generation systems. Similar to our other systems, they can be easily assembled anywhere and offer easy upgradation options, which is a must for any quality solar system. They are also treated with special materials to harden them against elements of nature and provide them with high corrosive resistance. This makes them sturdy and reliable, and guaranteed to last a long time. Thanks to our streamlined manufacturing processes, these structures can also be made in different specifications, sizes and dimensions to meet exact needs of our clients. This not only makes them easy to configure, but also provides exceptional adaptability, irrespective of the size or type of solar panels used in the system. All this, without the need for any field welding, drilling or on-site fabrication. By using these modules, our clients can easily go from a power hungry site to a green structure overnight.

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