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SamarTech Metals is most emerging company in India in the segment of Pre Engineered Metal Buildings. The company started operations in India in the year 2018 and has full-fledged manufacturing unit in Nissing, Karnal, Haryana.

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Sambli mor, near Sangatpura Sahib Gurudwara Nissing , Karnal Haryana -132024 +91 97295-85760 [email protected]

Mezzanine Buildings

When it comes to industrial structures, every last inch of space counts. Not only are these structures expensive to erect, but once finished, it is hard to plan for further expansion unless you already have a lot of extra land available, which in itself is a hard thing to come by when you are already investing so much in construction, machinery, labor and much more. This means that the existing structures need to be versatile enough to provide multiple functionalities within the same foot space. This becomes a huge problem for regular brick and mortar construction, since you need to plan and construct everything at one, with few options for future upgrades. This can be a problem for entrepreneurs who might not have the budget to invest in long term productivity just yet. This is where PEBs really shine as they offer easy options for upgradation thanks to structures knows as Mezzanine buildings.

A Mezzanine building / floor is what you call a raised platform that is independent of a building structure. It is supported by steel columns and can be used to create additional floors for various uses. You don’t need to construct the floors immediately, but by opting for the same, you can at least get the base structure upgraded by just using different types of columns and beams. This makes them a quick and cost effective way to create new space without the need to gather extra land. Since the mezzanine floor utilizes the overhead space in the existing premises, you don’t even need to get separate permission for construction. It can even be customized with different floor surfaces and sizes to suit different applications, whether it is light storage or heavy machinery installations. This adaptability helps you get the best use of the total volume of the premises. Depending on their use and the materials involved, mezzanine buildings can be divided in different types such as cold rolled, structural steel, stick built, fiberglass, and rack-supported.

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