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SamarTech Metals is most emerging company in India in the segment of Pre Engineered Metal Buildings. The company started operations in India in the year 2018 and has full-fledged manufacturing unit in Nissing, Karnal, Haryana.

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Sambli mor, near Sangatpura Sahib Gurudwara Nissing , Karnal Haryana -132024 +91 97295-85760 [email protected]

Steel Structure Fabricator Manufacturer

Steel Structures are preferred for the construction of industrial structures as they offer a lot of versatility when it comes to the construction process, which results in a lot of savings in both time and money. The reason behind this are the various processes of steel fabrication which allow the metal to be used in a variety of ways. The process itself involves different types of activities to achieve the end product, such as grinding, welding, drilling, punching, cutting, bending, melting and other crafting methods that require the use of high-quality tools and CNC equipment. We at SamarTech pride ourselves on being the masters of these processes of steel fabrication and are well-known for having the know-how required for planning and executing these processes in a systematic way, which leads to the fabrication of high-quality components in a low cost manner. Anyone involved with this process will tell how of the level of precision and planning involved to achieve this level of manufacturing prowess and why this gives us a unique advantage in the field of PEB manufacturing.

We regularly update and optimize these processes to create a variety of high-end components such as beams, trusses, hollow sections, angles, plates, rivets, nut and bolts and much more, which can then be used to create a larger structure that is far more versatile than any traditional brick and mortar building. Since these parts are fabricated according to a specific set of plans, it is easy to assemble them together anywhere in the world, without the need for additional welding or on-site fabrication. By doing this, we take away the headache of construction from the minds of our clients, while giving them the advantage of true modular planning. By using the highest quality raw materials in the fabrication of these components, we also ensure the longevity of these structures, which can stand the test of time, against all the elements of nature. Another advantage of this type of fabrication process is the economies of scale, while cuts down on the cost of individual components and makes it easier for the clients of repair or upgrade their existing structure without worrying about a big budget. This is what truly makes the process of steel fabrication such a good prospect for all types of industrial use cases, from manufacturing to storage and much more.

Samartech Metals