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SamarTech Metals is most emerging company in India in the segment of Pre Engineered Metal Buildings. The company started operations in India in the year 2018 and has full-fledged manufacturing unit in Nissing, Karnal, Haryana.

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Sambli mor, near Sangatpura Sahib Gurudwara Nissing , Karnal Haryana -132024 +91 97295-85760 [email protected]

PEB Manufacturers

SamarTech Metals are one of the most respected and well known manufacturers and suppliers of Pre-Engineered Buildings in India. These structures are made to be functionally versatile, with architectural flexibility. Due to their pre-built nature, they are easy to erect and maintain as well. In addition to the construction, SamarTech also provides reliable after sale services, and other value-added engineering solutions, including but not limited to product improvement and repair. Due to the high quality of materials used, the PEB’s enjoy a long life, with enhanced durability. Even when their use at a single location is done, they can be easily relocated and re-purposed for other applications without much hassle. This is due to the fact that the parts used are made according to a set standard, and are therefore easy to assemble and disassemble, and even replace if need be.

All this is done in accordance with our mission, which is to provide the best possible service to our clients, which involves delivering the best products made from the highest quality materials. For us, each project is a test of our integrity and our reputation as a reliable PEB supplier. This means not only ensuring the quality of our own product, but also of our raw material suppliers and other vendors related to our business. We ensure that all the operations involved in the construction of our PEBs meet the strictest industry standards for safety and quality control. Since our main raw material is often steel, this means ensuring that the steel we use is tougher, more flexible, and extremely durable. Moreover, by using such high standards for even the smallest components, we get the benefit of a structure that is lighter that other traditional brick and mortar structure, while being stronger and longer lasting than them. This approach increases the savings of our customers in terms of both their budget as well as the space required to construct.

Samartech Metals